Golf Events

Custom Gloves USA can now provide to all Gold Course a new an innovative product. Producing a long term marketing product and representing the Golf Course far after the player or member has left the course.

Providing the Members with a New loyalty based product allowing them to show off their New Custom Gloves from their course. Inspiring other players to join or at least come to the course and play.

The Golf course now has a way to market their course versus selling those plain old Same old, same old gloves, that does essentially nothing for the course or the players. Offering a custom specific glove with their logo and text certainly will increase the exposure they want, versus the old gloves that provide Zero marketing for them.

These product will allow their Event Directors to offer another New product to the tournaments there offer and support. This again will have the courses name applied to them, and the event gets a great new product.

Golf Event Designs