Car Dealership Gifts

Car Dealerships are always looking for a way to attract, maintain contact with current and new customers. They also are big supports of all types of events. Many times they are just providing a Business card, that simply gets thrown away in most cases. Not very effective in maintaining contact.

In a sponsor role at an event, they pay large sums of funds and really only get limited contact with participants. They get a mentioned at the end of the event, and maybe show off a car on the course. Again not very effective.

Custom Gloves USA, has the ability to create a New product, fully customize specific for that dealership. Both our Gloves and packaging will inspire better, longer term contact with with all participants at an event, along with extended awareness of current and perspective customers coming into the dealership. With our New Customized Golf, Equestrian, Driving and cycling Gloves, the dealership now has a BETTER BUSINESS CARD that Won’t get thrown away on placed on a dresser, never to be seen again.

See below a few examples of designs, and call us today, today to get your Free Designs customize specifically for your Dealership. Even an individual Salesperson can have them with their name and contact.

Car Dealership Gift Designs